Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brutal Honesty

I am sad tonight. It has been a rough day. It has been 11 months since I held Natalie, fed her, slept with her cuddled up next to me. This is not easy. And, of course, it is windy and cold and will rain for the next several days.

But I do have the love and fiestiness of my Emily to keep me on my toes. And I have a daughter who only wants to nurse and cuddle today. Alie is pure bliss right now, knowing that I just need to cuddle too.

She needs me now and I need her too. So I will post what is in my head soon...but for now, I leave you with glimpses of my beautiful family. Enjoy!
It's Alabama Football Season!

Feeding Alie her first bottle. Yes, she actually drank it!!

Cuteness at its best today!

Josi the cat is actually bigger than the baby...what is wrong with that sentence?!?

Big stretches after a good nap cuddling with Mommy.


Anonymous said...

I have a pic of Thomas doing the same thing in my mom's arms. How wonderful they are when they are ao little and cuddley!

Stephanie said...

LOVE the family pics!!! Alie is SO beautiful!!!!!Don't you love it when they are tiny babies and just want to cuddle up with you all day long!???
I'm sorry you are having a rough day....

Kimberly said...

LOVE the pictures!
Especially the one of Alie and Josi. Makes me wish it was Sat. already!!!

Angela said...

Love the pic of Bryan, Emily and Alie watching the Bama game!!! I still cannot get over how big Emily has gotten and how long her hair is! I can sympathize about little (or is it big) Josi because my cat is 16 pounds! When are ya'll going to Alabama? I don't know how, but I will find a way to be there when you go because I want to see and hold sweet Alie and spoil Miss Emily! Love you all!