Thursday, September 15, 2011

Changes are coming...

Lots has taken place since my last post....In order to condense it so you are not reading for the next year, I am picking pictures to tell the story.  These pictures show some of the big things before the big move. :)

Emily and Singleton, her BFF from preschool!

Alie's silly face...makes me smile.
Hurricane Irene coming to Chesapeake!
Alie practicing her songs...because there is nothing else to do in during the storm with no electricity!

Splashing in puddles between Hurricane Irene squalls
Alie splashing in the puddles...she was soaked but had so much fun!!

Alie's birthday dinner... Plaza Azteca!  We had no power so
I decided we would go out!
Alie and her birthday cake....Tinkerbell for our Tinker!

Blowing out her candle....I am three now!
Even without power we celebrated!
More to come...had to stop to let blogger not mess up.  It is not working quite you can tell from the unevenness of the pictures. 


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