Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Allison's Day

I know that I should have posted this about, oh, 3 weeks ago. It has just been that weird here. I have been in a weird place but want out of it! So I am starting here.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we had a slew of friends and family in town. I really do mean a slew... Alie was baptized that Sunday morning. It was a glorious morning! I, of course, was a bit frazzled and hoping everything went perfectly! My parents came up...and Daddy baptized his fourth grandbaby. What a blessing! My sister, brother-in-law and my most adorable niece Anna Kathryn came as well. I was so glad to have them here. But the best part....my bestest friend from my childhood, the chick that knows it all about me and loves me no matter what and I her, came as well!!! I was so elated to find out Keli was coming, then even more excited when I realized she would be here all weekend! Plus, our friends from Northern Virginia were here and all of my fabulous friends that have supported and lifted us during the last 19 months. I could not have asked for a better day. I had three pews full of people I love...it was bliss!

Allison, me, Emily, and Keli

Our family

Baptisms are hard. I have not denied that fact. I was so nervous. And I am not normally nervous in church. I almost lost it at one point...I came close. But I took a nice deep breath and managed to save my mascara. It was perfect. My joy overflowed as my father walked my daughters around the sanctuary as the congregation sang, " Allison Hope, God Claim You; God helps you, protects you and loves you too!" She is a child of God. She is a child that I have prayed for. She is an answered prayer. She is beautiful. And she is adored by all of us. This was a day for me to remember my commitment to my Lord, my faith and my walk with Him. But it really was her day. It is the beginning of an amazing walk for Allison. I cannot wait to see where He leads her.
Alie and her godparents, Corey, Erin and Sean

"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD." And he worshiped the LORD there. ~1 Samuel 1:27-28

Good night all...


Hillary, Bryan, Emily, Allison and our angel baby Natalie


Erin Hingley said...

It was such a beautiful day! We love you, Alie!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love the bright yellow bow and tutu she is wearing. So happy and sunshine-y!

D.J. Albert said...

Dear Hillary,
I don't remember how I even came across your blog (it had something to do with someone I encountered on the 'April Rose' blog) but I just wanted to tell you how your testimony has touched my heart. I can only imagine the on-going pain of losing your little one in such a tragic accident, but I know that some how, some way God WILL honor your decision to forgive Sue. And in His Goodness, He will also help her to forgive herself and to heal the pain she will always carry -- or at least the scar from the pain that was brought into all of your lives.

What a blessing you are and will continue to be to your wonderful husband and precious daughters. Please remember to be kind to yourself on those days when you are really struggling. Grief is a process, and to go through it and benefit from it, you can't take any short-cuts. That's when you need to hold onto your faith in the God and Father who is the Giver of All Good Gifts! He knows first hand what it is to lose a child, and He will lead you through those dark days that are still before you.

Hang in there -- and remember to always look up, Hillary. You are precious to the God who made you, and your blog is a gift to many others, in your precious daughter's memory.

Donna Albert, San Jose, CA