Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter pics

Easter has been good, hectic, sad, joyous, calming, reflective, and cute! We went to the mall on Saturday night (cause it makes the most sense to wait until the last minute...right?!?!) to see the easter bunny. Bunny took a break so we waited 1.5 hours for the photo we all have to have. Bummer. But I got a few cute pics while waiting for the bunny to finish his dinner of carrots. :)

Of course, Alie was not really happy with a large bunny holding on to her. So she stood in front. I thought it was a good compromise!

Sunday was busy with church, lunch, cleaning the backyard a bit, easter egg hunt and grilling dinner. We always purchase a flower from the church in memory of Natalie from all of us. Emily picks which one and she chose a pink hydrangea. Now I have to figure out how to take care of this plant too! But it is beautiful and a good reminder of our sweet girl who is missed so desperately.

This is William, one of Alie's "men"...she has several friends that are her age, almost all are boys. But William holds a special place in her heart. She like to kiss his picture! I think he makes her heart flutter!

Easter egg hunting in the back yard had to come after nap time. Alie had turned into a pumpkin and needed her beauty sleep. Good thing...we got some great pictures of the girls and Alie had a ball on her first egg hunt. Every time she saw an egg she would shout, "Eeeeegg"and get so excited! It was so very cute. Too bad I did not think of getting out the video camera. :(

It was a good day. It was a wonderful reminder that there is a place for each of us in Heaven because of Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice. It is a reminder that we sin, we fall short, but we are forgiven. I'm forgiven. You are forgiven. We all can rejoice in that.

Until later....


Erin said...

Beautiful! William holds a special place in his heart for Alie. That's HIS woman! :) Love you!


The Buchanan Family said...

Pretty pics and pretty girls. My lil' girl wore the same dress for easter...same colors too!

Shannon said...

Oh Hillary these were great!! Im so excited she picked the Hydranga... very easy to care for... put in ground provide water... dont cut back!! :)
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hillary, it was so good to see pics of the girls and hear from you. Alie has gotten so big ! I was on Natalie's birth board on baby center with you. I think of you and yours often and always check on your blog to see how you are making it through. You are an incredibly strong woman and a great mother.

Hydrangeas are a beautiful plant and like Shannon said very low maintenance and the best thing is they make great dried flowers for the fall and winter months. Enjoy them.