Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Natalie Necklace

I am tired and want to post but really want to go to bed. So I will leave you with this, a photo of my Natalie Necklace. I have been trying to find the perfect one, with the help of friends and family, and this is it! I decided that I wanted a necklace that reminded me of her and the happy life she led. I love it, Bryan loves it, Emily really loves it, and it arrived just in time for my trip out of town this weekend and for some fabulous pictures we took today. If you love it, you can get your own at www.planetjill.com.


Kristi Leek said...

So beautiful! It has such a timeless charm about it.

Have a safe trip this weekend with your angel over your heart.

Stephanie said...

Hillary, that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it! Natalie would be proud!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's is just gorgeous. Natalie looks beautiful.


Deborah said...

I have read your blogs since I found out about your tragedy. My son was 4 monthes older than Nat and it crushed me to know that you lost your little girl.
I remember when Dean first informed me that she was at NMCP.
My son was away in Georgia visiting my sister and I was leaving a Medical appt. diagnosed with Clinical Depression and had just left the office when Dean called. He said that CPO West's daughter had been sent to Portsmouth from complications due by accidental drowning. It hit me like a ton of bricks. My emotions were bare from the appt. now they were raw!! And the worst part was (for me that is...)it was raining and as the rain came down I looked in my rearview mirror and my son wasn't in his carseat, and at that moment after I put the phone down to absorb the horrific news, I let out a gasp and cried so hard, Yes flood gates opened! My son wasn't there yet was alive and yours at the time, was clinging to life and on life support. All I wanted to do was hold Logan or get a conforting embrace from him. My heart was ripped to streds. As soon as I got home I called my sister who is 16 monthes younger than me, just to hear my son's voice to know he was okay.
That whole week I stayed in bed, I barely ate and I cried.
The Day that Angel came to give her respects and support CPO West and you, I was suppose to be there and couldn't. I did nothing but hold Lori and cry when she was asleep.
I can't imagine what it has been like these last 9 months without Nat, I can only look at it from my point of view as having a son close in age to Nat.
Hillary, you are an inspirational person to share your internal emotions, feelings, frustrations and fears with people, who like me, barely know you, are willing to share your heart and soul with a person like me. I feel like part of your family reading your blogs and I share the tears, and can only imagine the pain to which I cuddle my son and thank God for allowing me to have him.
The Necklace is a perfect reminder of how life is so precious and Natalie was a precious beautiful baby girl. May God bless you indeed Hillary, to find the purpose He is preparing you for. For God has blessed you with mighty strength and emotional endurance. I feel that God lead me to your blog so that He could humble me in my selfish times and learn to appreciate the little things in life.

Yours Truely,
Debbie Gillespie