Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can you tell which is which?!? I have to check the date on the picture. Each one is 2 months old in the picture...each one is so beautiful. First one to get the order right will get bragging rights to knowing my kids the best. Maybe something else will come your way as well. :)
I will have a bigger post tomorrow (praying that the baby lets me get it onto the computer) but for now...my girls!

Daddy's first night with the girls alone (for 6 hours!!) was Monday night. I had a meeting. He had it all together when I walked int he door. He rocks!!!

And my pretty princess...ready for her harvest festival at school!

til later...


Anonymous said...

I am going to take a guess. LOL!
1. Nat 2. Alie, 3. Em

Anonymous said...

Daisy guessed what I was going to pick and I don't even know you irl jaja
1. Nat
2. Alie
3. Emily

Kimberly said...

I oicked the same order as Daisy and Yasmel... boy I hope I'm right. Nat's red hair is a giveaway, though...

Could Em BE any cuter in her Belle costume????

Jenna said...

I said the same! Little Miss Alie is a give away! She's such a peanut compared to her sisters! LOL Emily makes a Beautiful Belle!

Angela said...

Well, if I get this right, I think that I get all time bragging rights because I will be getting it from just seeing pictures over the past few years since I am so far away! LOL!

1. Nat
2. Alie
3. Emily

What a sassy little princess Miss Emily is! She is adorable in her costume! What is Alie going to be?

Love you all and as you are everyday, you are in my thoughts and prayers!

carmen said...

This may be crazy but i'm going to guess.
1. Nat
I think Alie is getting bigger and her looks are starting to change. Look forward to knowing the real identity.

Kim LeClaire said...

I think 1 is Emily 2 is Alie and 3 is Nat

Allison said...

I vote Natalie, Alie and Emily too!