Friday, October 9, 2009

Emily's big news!

Just wanted to get these pictures up to share Emily's good news. She has been wiggling her first loose tooth since July. Tonight, while rough-housing in the living room, she knocked it just enough that it came out. First came the tears (after she noticed a bit of blood) and the fear. Then, when a few minutes had passed...all was good and she is so very excited. So we have begun the road to adult teeth (gasp!!).

We also had a great time calling Nana on her birthday to wish her a happy day. Emily even had to do it on her own. She and Nana talk all the time! She likes the phone....I am in trouble!
Off to bed...we have a quiet weekend ahead. But, it will involve some boiled peanuts at the Peanut Festival! I am excited!
Good night all,
Hillary, Bryan, Emily, Allison, and our angel baby Natalie

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Angela said...

What adorable pictures! I can't believe that Emily is old enough to have lost her first tooth! What was her reaction to the tooth fairy?